Studying From Home. A World Of Opportunity

Studying From Home. A World Of Opportunity

Besides the obvious perks like staying in your pajamas all day, overdoing it on Uber Eats and saving a load of pennies on fuel, studying from the comfort of your own home has some great benefits to you as a student and can-do wonders for the bank balance.

With all the benefits it entails, studying from home can also have a negative impact if you let it. Consider the word if, the negative impacts from studying at home can only affect you if you allow it to do so, this is not to say that it will. There is a choice, and that choice comes solely from your ability to control your desires and has a great deal to do with self-restraint. From catching up on the latest Netflix series to falling asleep to your favorite Justin Bieber track, the distractions come thick and fast. Though the disturbances are undeniably there, we are here to prove why studying at home can be a great alternative to the good old-fashioned classroom and why that all important 2000-word essay creeping up may be better attempted at home.

If it still seems somewhat unconvincing, here are our top 5 reasons as to why studying from home can bring more good in your life then bad:

  1. You are in control of your distractions. At home you are your own boss, it is complete and utter independence in every sense of the word. Common disturbances like the group in the corner whispering loudly, the overbearing aroma of fried food from lunchtime or the late starters shuffling to their seats are just some of the many things you no longer have to put up with. The distractions from home are not necessarily a hinderance if you deal with them in a pragmatic way. But what about the countless distractions at home I hear you ask, well yes, they’re definitely there but your resilience should allow you to overcome them.
  2. Everything that you require is at your disposal without having to travel very far or wait for that matter. Such as academic books, notes, a computer, printer, scanner, stationary, internet and so forth. All things we take for granted on a daily basis, until we need them and then they suddenly become a priority.
  3. More time for other important matters. Take away the time spent getting ready in the morning and travelling to the college and back. That’s a significant amount of time that can be put into other important matters such as applying for jobs, editing your CV, taking that online course that you’ve been putting off for months and so much more!
  4. Cost-effectiveness. With all the benefits of studying at home, you may feel this one the most. The money saved from eating lunch at home and not using public transport, or your own vehicle for that matter can be extremely self-sustaining in the long run.
  5. Time Management, an incredibly important life skill. Managing your time is a skill widely sought after by employers. By working from home, you are forced to manage your own time due to the relaxed nature of it. Naturally, you will have to build up a sense of self-discipline to study effectively. By mastering this you will in time learn the art of independent study, a transferable skill highly appreciated in the world of work.

We hope this has given you a fresh perspective on studying from home and why it can actually be a tremendous opportunity, rather then a setback. Adaptability really is the word of the year, being able to adapt to new learning environments is critical in your pursuit to stay afloat in such uncertain times.

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